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Musical Instrument Library presents...

7pm     21+

Musical Instrument library is about to go public!
This evening of Jan the 14th we will enjoy, World music,Belly dance and much more to be announced! come play with us, help us achieve the appraisal and insurance of our inventory just by coming out. Then we can lend you your instruments and gear, in the new year!

Think of a library. Now imagine that in the place of walls lined with books, rooms dedicated to different literary genres and all subjects of research, that the walls were instead lined with instruments. Rooms representing each corner of the planet housing instruments from that country or region. There are instruments you can touch. Instruments you can play. Instruments you can even check out like a book from a conventional library and take home with you. There are teachers not far away who can teach you the traditional music from these far off places, and a stage where you and your friends can perform what you’ve learned, what you’ve always known, or even a combination of the two. And, in the future, even rooms upstairs that for a small donation can be rented for the night or for the week. A travel destination. A travel destination for musicians without a sound curfew. A place where you can stay and play.

But we are just at the beginning…

Step one will be more mobile. A library, stage, and a community center on wheels. Details coming soon!

Keep checking back to follow us on this fantastic journey!





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